Diamond are forever!

At The Charleston Jeweler, our buyers are highly qualified and have over ten years of experience in the Diamond Buying business. We have the skills and expertise necessary for appraising and evaluating your diamond jewelry and scrap gold. Diamonds have been and are the most precious, unique, and glamorous stones for centuries. We have spent countless hours training to assure we understand every aspect of diamonds (and related details) for buying and selling purposes. Many of our buyers have undergone intense and rigorous diamond training at the GIA facility. GIA refers to Gemological Institute of America; it is considered a benchmark in the Jewelry industry and is accredited to be a prestigious facility where one can acquire immense knowledge in the diamond, gemstones, colored stones, jewelry design, CAD design categories. GIA training sets us apart in the Diamond Buying industry tremendously.  For starters, knowing the accurate grading of a Diamond for example: Color and Clarity can have a potential increase in value, compared to other Diamonds. GIA reports are highly recommended by our buyers. It can help determine the value when buying and selling as well as assure a long-term value should you decide to hold on to your diamond for a long time. We don't stock an inventory of GIA certified stones in our office; however if you are looking to purchase an engagement ring and one that is GIA certified, we'd be happy to make an appointment with you where we would be able to show you on the basis of your preference a handful of GIA certified diamonds to choose from. The selection will vary on the basis of price point, cut of stone, color and clarity. Our buyers are equally skilled in providing excellent customer service for anyone looking to purchase an engagement ring or revamping an existing ring. We also specialize in custom jewelry orders. The Charleston Jeweler has an amazing set of buyers that are highly qualified to serve you in the beautiful Charleston community. We look forward to meeting with you soon, whether it is to sell gold, sell diamond jewelry, old scrap gold, or to customize an engagement ring... consider The Charleston Jeweler a one stop shop!